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    Web Applications & Hosting

    Flatworks provides web development services, hosting for our content management systems.

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    Tech Support Service

    On site services and maintenance. Software installation, Server and Desktop support.


    Custom Imagery &Graphics

    Photographic and image manipulation services.

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Internet and Computer stuff.

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Hosting Services
Domain Email
Tech Support
Network Support
what we offer
Comprehensive Internet and Hosting services as well as technical support.

Computer Problem?

When turning off and back on again doesn't work, you can rely on us. We specialize in tracking down solutions and fixing the problem. Fast and reliable, contact Flatworks for your tech support issues.

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why choose us
The greatest risk is really to take no risk at all. You've got to go out there, jump off the cliff, and take chances.
Fast Turnaround

Our template driven sites can be created, up and running in a very short time. You provide content and we provide the management system.

Domain Email

Web hosting basic comes with up to five domain based email accounts.


We offer FOSS shopping cart system (NB store). Our cart can be up and running quickly and efficiently, using one of the many preset payment processors.


Site optimization for specifice search key combinations. We can also assist with Facebook, Twitter and other social media interactivity.

Lastest Trends

We stay on top of the latest tech and security news, keeping you ahead of any major changes. New browser technologies will require your site to be hosted in a secure environment (TLS) or it will be marked as unsafe, even if you don't use secure transactions.

tech support

Flatworks offers tech support in Windows server, network and desktop environment so a short list of exclusive clients. We keep our list short so that we can offer quick turnaround for those annoying computer issues.

We provide best service

If you are looking for help with web or computer services we are here.