BrianDNN now at latest version. I've read that there is another major upgrade in the works. Will post as that becomes available and installed.


    BrianBeen long summer. Put a number of updates on DNN platform. If there are any issues please contact me.


    • BrianVersion is now 7.03.03

    BrianBeen having problems locally with my ISP. As a result some of the site work has been interrupted. The Site(s) that I have been working on should be fine and dandy. Please let me know if yours is still having issues.


      BrianSite architecture (DNN) has been updated to the latest version (7.02.02) If there are any issues with your site, please contact me and I'll look into it.


        BrianUpdated site. Have added an example store. Please don't buy anything.


          BrianWe upgraded one of the other portals on our server today. I followed all the rules, make backups of all the files and the database. I even made a spiffy replacement page that said something like "HEY WE ARE OFF LINE FOR A LITTLE WHILE DOING UPGRADES" and all appeared to go well..... until I checked one of the OTHER dnn sites on our server. I kept getting a redirect loop error that was annoying. I finally figured it out. Contact me if you are having that same issue.


            BrianUsing new software and new layout for site. Plan to include other features as examples. This feature is a Journal can be easily installed on your site.